Grand Crew

Meet our Grand Cru team. There are about twenty of us. Let's introduce at least a few colleagues from key positions who dedicate maximum effort to their work and thus make Grand Cru what it is today. We are glad that since our beginning, since 2020, the same head chef and manager have been with us. Their deputies joined a few months later and are still going strong! Read their interesting stories.


Libor Pavlíček and Milan Pavlík


In May 2020, Libor and Milan took the restaurant into their own hands. Since then, they have been striving to create a friendly atmosphere for both guests and their employees, who number around twenty. They pay great attention to the wine list - its quality and diversity. This is aided by their friendly and long-standing relationships with suppliers and personal visits to wineries. You can meet Libor here almost daily on the premises, because, as he says, you can't run a pub from a couch. And Milan can be met in our sister restaurant Pohostinec Karlín, which he personally takes care of along with his family.


Honza Kulhánek

Restaurant Manager

Finding an experienced and reliable restaurant manager is really a tough task. However, previous long-term cooperation with Libor in experiential gastronomy brought Honza to our doors. We didn't hesitate for a moment and happily added him to the team a few weeks after our opening. Thanks to his many years of experience, excellent communication skills in several languages, attention to detail, logical thinking, and very pleasant and professional service, we have gotten to where we are today.


Svatopluk Hemmer

Head Chef

Svatopluk became a chef immediately after graduating from the Hotel School in Klánovice. However, he acquired a real passion for cooking only at a restaurant with a Michelin star at the Four Seasons hotel, where he worked for years under head chef Andrea Accordi. In between, he completed a few internships in France and Austria, worked as a Sous Chef in the experiential restaurants of Zátiší group until he found his permanent place right here at Grand Cru, where he has been cooking since 2019, a year before the change of operators.


Michal Bočan

Sous Chef

When Michal was studying at his high school in Slovakia and then mechanical engineering, he certainly didn't think that his path would lead to the kitchen of the finest restaurants. Although he is very modest by nature, he didn't skimp at the start of his career and immediately began working in Bratislava at the experiential restaurant Fou Zoo. After five years in high-end gastronomy, he realized that he had gaps in the classical foundations, so he took a different path for a while to master his new craft in all aspects. His next steps led to the Czech Republic, where he soon found his new place at Zátiší, where he cooked for several years in various positions until Covid. In 2021, he joined us and today is the right hand of the head chef.


Tomáš Teichman

Sous Chef

After his apprenticeship, Tomáš immediately embarked on a culinary journey and in his native region in the Krkonoše Mountains, he worked in several establishments, eventually becoming their head chef. After a few years in the mountains, he tried several Prague establishments, where he worked his way up to the highest position in the kitchen again. During the Covid period, he joined the family business and became a carpenter for a year. However, this interesting job did not deter him from the kitchen, and as soon as possible, he returned to the professional kitchen, directly to us at Grand Cru, where with his icy calm during service, he holds the position of deputy head chef.

Michal Klíma

Deputy Manager

Michal initially visited us regularly as a guest with his family. One word led to another, and from a guest, he became a new colleague. However, he chose the path to gastronomy only on the threshold of his twenties, shortly after graduating from business academy. He is not exactly the quiet type, so office work is taboo for him. He has worked in several gastronomic establishments including the restaurant in the Municipal House, to finally end up with us in 2022, where he quickly adapted, fit into the team, and today serves as the extended arm of the manager.


Honza Hlavatý

Deputy Manager

After graduating from the Hotel School in Vršovice, he dove headfirst into the world of gastronomy. Hospitality has been very close to his heart since he was a child. He helped his father, who has been a long-term entrepreneur in this field, since he was a child. He went through all the stations - cleaning, kitchen, service. However, working in service enchanted him so much that he continues to do it to this day. We are glad that he feels best in the environment of an experiential restaurant, especially in ours, where he has been working since 2023.


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