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Jan PunčochářExecutive Chef

Jan Punčochář

Jan with his original approach simply cooks the cuisine by Jan Punčochář and his team. He trained to be chef in the Ambassador hotel, and right after he left school he worked in a couple of well-known restaurants in Prague. His experience comes also from abroad, he cooked in a prominent Swiss restaurant - Häberli’s Schützenhaus. After his return to Prague he became an executive chef in Le terroir, where he worked for 10 years. Nowadays you can enjoy his authentic and unique cuisine at our restaurant Grand Cru.

Jakub ČebišJakub Čebiš

Jakub Čebiš

Enthusiasm and talent for wine has led Jakub to several prominent restaurants and wine bars in Prague. As a head sommelier in La terroir, he had the opportunity to work with extensive wine list, travel abroad to taste different kinds of wine, and to work with genuine professionals. For six year he paired wine with Jan Punčochář’s meals. And now this well coordinated line-up continues in their excellent work with wine and food with the support of their Grand Cru team.

Radek TurečekGeneral Manager

Radek Tureček

Radek gained his professional experience in Food & Beverages in Radisson Blu Alcron hotels in Prague and a couple of years in Great Britain in Royal Marriot Hotel in Bristol and Ramada Bowden Hall Hotel Gloucester. A recent professional stop was his work in Shanghai, in the company Shanghai Airest Catering Co, Ltd
Radek Turecek is currently a general manager of our restaurants – Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar, Monarch Gastrobar, and Premier Mercato, our bistro in Karlin, Prague.

About us

We cook international cuisine prepared by Jan Punčochář and his team. We put emphasis mainly on fresh and quality ingredients, both Czech and from abroad. No specialization, no restrictions, we simply cook whatever we enjoy. Together with Jakub Čebiš, head sommelier, we pay attention to perfect harmony of food and wine. Jan Punčochář regularly refreshes his menu, nevertheless, his legendary Pidgeon from Anjou is always there.

The restaurant Grand Cru was created in a beautiful place where originally was Červená tabulka, in a baroque house with yard, few steps from Petrské náměstí. Behind the project Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar is the company Premier Wines & Spirits, which is one of the biggest distributors of wine, premier spirits and soft drinks in the Czech Republic. Therefore, you can choose from 1500 kinds of wine from all around the world and premium spirits, all from the portfolio of Premier Wines & Spirits and enjoy your glass in a comfortable and charming place hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

We hold thematic degustation dinners in cooperation with renowned wine houses. Grand Cru is an ideal place to meet your friends, have festive dinners, business meetings or company parties.


Lidovky.cz: Anketu Zlatý kuchař vyhrál Jan Punčochář

Lidovky.cz: Anketu Zlatý kuchař vyhrál Jan Punčochář

„Mým snem bylo vždycky mít plnou restauraci a dobrý tým na place i v kuchyni. V Grand Cru jsem půldruhého roku, snažím se dělat odlehčené speciality a jsem za ocenění rád,“ řekl Punčochář. Už od malička věděl, že bude kuchař. „Nic jiného neumím, se šroubovákem v ruce mě neuvidíte,“ dodal.

Dostupné z: http://www.lidovky.cz/anketu-zlaty-kuchar-vyhral-jan-puncocar-z-restaurace-grand-cru-p76-/dobra-chut.aspx?c=A160512_183724_dobra-chut_ele

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iluxus.cz: Ve znamení progresu a fúzí: Grand Cru

iluxus.cz: Ve znamení progresu a fúzí: Grand Cru

Sladkou tečkou je pak karamelové vejce s mangem, které vám obsluha „prezentuje vskutku po svém“. Uvidíte sami Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar prostě vždy něčím překvapí.

Dostupné z: http://iluxus.cz/2016/04/26/ve-znameni-progresu-a-fuzi-grand-cru/

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